25 Minute TRX Combo Workout for Strength and Cardio

This 25 minute TRX workout uses the TRX Suspension trainer to work the full body for strength and cardio. Using different combos of TRX moves you'll strengthen and sculpt your muscles and get your heart pumping all in one workout!

21 thoughts on “25 Minute TRX Combo Workout for Strength and Cardio”

  1. I have been looking for a great TRX workout and this one is perfect. I was sweating like crazy. I will definitely be doing it again!

  2. Ouch! Great torture as always… Where did you get the pink trx? I’d love to get one for my sister, who is a survivor.

  3. Excellent. I wish there was a bit more time to change up the sizes or for adjustment. But the workout itself was great. You were clear and easy to understand. Thank you.

  4. Hands down this is on of my most favorite TRX workouts you do. So challenging; and I can see my improvement each time I do it.

  5. Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe I haven’t done this TRX workout before today, Amy! I can see this one becoming one of my new fav trx workouts of yours and will come back to this one again. The one legged moves are totally challenging and the last moves from elbow planks to hand planks–WHEW! Great workout to start the week with-Thanks, Amy! 🙂 XO-S

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