25 Minute Kettlebell Strength and Cardio HIIT Workout

This 25 minute workout uses the kettlebell to work your entire body with strength training, and get your heart rate up for cardio in the process. Options for all fitness levels.

22 thoughts on “25 Minute Kettlebell Strength and Cardio HIIT Workout”

    1. For my first pregnancy (I was 25) I worked out until 2 weeks before due date. Back into before baby clothes when I went back to work 9 weeks later. So long as you’re working out beforehand and doctor says OK.

  1. Thank you, Thank you Amy!! Your KB routine was just right for a quick, tough, pick me up workout before a holiday party. ((: You are amazing!!!

  2. HI Amy! I would love to see a “What I ate today”-type of a video from you. Keep up the fantastic work – your videos are SO good!

    1. +Viola N. Yes, this is something I plan to do in the New Year—more instructional videos to go along with the workouts. Thanks!

  3. Amazing workout, thank you! I love that squat/press/windmill combo. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Amy ­čÖé

  4. Hey Amy! I just wanted to tell you thanks for posting such awesome kettlebell workouts! I won’t do any other kettlebell workouts but yours because they are simply the best! I love starting my day with you every morning! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Thank you for making these classes..I just love doing them 2-3x a week with you…..Feeling sore but a good sore ….Big Hugs…

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