25 Minute Kettlebell Combo Workout for Full Body Strength and Cardio

This 25 minute video uses a combination of kettlebell moves to strengthen and tone your muscles, while keeping your heart rate up for maximum cardio and fat burning! Options for all levels!

24 thoughts on “25 Minute Kettlebell Combo Workout for Full Body Strength and Cardio”

    1. @glameyez interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for workouts with kettlebells try Renkarter Bell Fitness Report ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

  1. yes! love kettlebell workouts 🙂 would it be possible to have a longer workout specifically aimed at beginners? though I do appreciate that there are modifications in your videos it would be good to have a slower beginner pace too. great workouts thank you.

    1. @lisa brickles Yes! That’s definitely a plan of mine–to have beginner versions of everything–kettlebell, TRX, etc—where I explain things more at a slower pace. Thanks for mentioning it! Coming soon, I promise!

  2. your kettlebell workouts are awesome please more ..and your videos period are awesome keep them coming!! thank yu

  3. love this workout. my third time doing. love good kettlebell workouts, it’s my favorite piece of equipment. thanks for the burn.

  4. I do this workout almost everyday and love it! Most importantly, seeing results rapidly. Thank you for being amazing, and making others feel amazing as well!

  5. Brandon Morgan

    You need to make your own t-shirts that have your logo on the back and say “Tap it out!” on the front, haha. I think of that as your catchphrase

  6. Lisandra Mathews

    I’m surprised how quickly I build my strength with Amy’s kettlebell workouts. I love her method of taking slow and safe yet challenging yourself.

  7. Sydney Haughton

    This was my first video Amy and I enjoyed the sequences. Looking forward to doing again with a heavier kettlebell.

  8. Dina Wiltshire

    Sooo delighted to find this kettebell class on YT….yeah…..this is going to be on my agenda 2 a week at least….WOW….love it….

  9. Maybe my favorite of your Kettlebell workouts. Not too long and not too short. Thanks for providing all your workouts! Great for those who don’t want to go to a gym.

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