25 Minute Bosu Dumbbell Workout for Full Body Strength & Cardio

This 25 minute workout uses both the Bosu ball and a set of dumbbells to strengthen and sculpt the entire body, while getting your heart pumping for cardio. Options for all fitness levels.

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22 thoughts on “25 Minute Bosu Dumbbell Workout for Full Body Strength & Cardio”

  1. Leigh Ann Whitley

    I followed you and did your prenatal workouts while I was pregnant with my second son (born this past October) and am trying to get back into exercising. This is great! Thank you

  2. Happiness Makes Scents

    Great workout! I don’t have a BOSU so thank you for showing how to do these exercises on the floor. This workout was challenging but the time went by quickly.

  3. I’m not postpartum & I don’t have a BOSU, but this was still a great workout. It’s easy to adapt if you don’t have a BOSU.

  4. Love this workout and all your other workouts!!! More Bosu Ball workouts, please!! You’re amazing and you look fantastic!

  5. I gave this one a try tonight. Quite a few moves were a bit hard for me to do. But it reminds me I have work to do and will do this one again.

  6. I am so glad to see u helping us moms with encouragement to take it slow coming back from pregnancy. We think that we need to be where we left off and don’t give ourselves grace. Thank u and I enjoy your channel!

  7. loved this workout – had a bosu ball for years and never really used it – yes would def like more workouts using it!

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