20 Minute Wedding Dress Arms Workout to tone your arms and back

This 20 Minute workout uses just a set of dumbbells to tone and sculpt your arms and back and get you ready for the big day.

21 thoughts on “20 Minute Wedding Dress Arms Workout to tone your arms and back”

  1. It’s been a while since I walked down the aisle but this workout is still for us older gals who want to look toned. Well done Amy and team. You guys are great! 👍😀💪xx

  2. Amy, what might be a good workout schedule for the wedding workout series? Monday: 30 min sculpt, Tuesday: Arms and Abs (or would the cardio be better and add the ab video to the sculpt day?) etc.?

  3. Love, love, live ur videos!! Best part is there’s usually a warmup/stretching part!! So important to include those I think if one is instructing…good for u!! Ur style of choreography is sensational: so neat how you intergrate your combos!! Many thx for keeping me entertained & healthy!!

  4. I am so excited to try this. I am getting married in a year and a half and want those wedding arms! I am so excited to do this while Jeannie is doing it.

    1. Jeannie Klisiewicz

      You go girl!! Mine’s in a few weeks so I’m doing this one many times a week…here I come wedding arms! Hope wedding planning is going awesome!

  5. Skyler Sampson

    Hi Amy!!! I’m new to your channel, and love all the pre-wedding workout vids you have along with pregnancy workouts. I myself am getting married in 5 months. How many time would you recommend doing this workout a week? Is M-F (5 days a week) too often?

  6. karina Ashurst

    getting married in 3 months!! lets do this! i’m going to try to do this twice a week up until my wedding~ i should def get some results xo thanks for the video

  7. This 20 minute workout rounds out today’s back and arms workouts perfectly! I just started to break a bit of a sweat by the time we got down on the mat–even with just working the arms and back! Fantastic! I’ll come back to this one again! XO-S

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