20-Minute Victoria Sport Workout For Toned Abs and Legs

Stay strong all Summer with Victoria Sport Ambassador Lindsey Harrod's 20-minute high-impact cardio workout. Tone your whole body through circuits including plank jack burpees, around-the-world jump squats, and more — no equipment needed!
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39 thoughts on “20-Minute Victoria Sport Workout For Toned Abs and Legs”

  1. thank you popsugar fitness, I love this! I never thought I would say this, but the toning sections here are AWESOME! and the cardio is lit, like always. please do more! and bring this trainer back please!

  2. Tímea Tarjányi

    How would you classify this for people who keep track on a fitness diary and calorie? Under what name could I register this for example on MyFitnessPal?

  3. This made me sweat like I didn’t think it would but somehow i felt frustrated throughout..perhaps a little dull.

    1. Yeah, that was my impression too. This exercise is hard but really repetitive and boring at the same time.

  4. Do not overestimate the 20 minutes! They are so so worth it! Bring her back for 30 and 45 minute workout please!

  5. Cloé Carbonneau

    To be honest, I didn’t like this video that much. I think the time for each exercice was too long for me. I prefer when we do 2 or more circuit so I am not bored as much! But I have sweat a lot so that’s good!

    1. Sharon Lys ضصثقفغعهخمحجشسيمذ ادرذرطرلسخببيرذزهاثنقهيثعقصيصيسسمىيب

  6. Literally pouring with sweat ! Amazing work-out. Although @popsugarfitness just to mention one thing that kinda pull me back at times. My effort is definitely linked to my mental, especially when i’m out of breath and close from just giving-up. And when i hear from the trainer (Victoria) things like “my legs are dying” or other kinda stuff, i’ll tend to just stop (which is no good i know), on the contrary, when i hear more encouraging words like “hang-in there”, “almost done”, i’ll just give all i got. Anyway my point is, during work-out, maybe tend to keep it positive and encouraging, also in the words you say, cause they can make a difference. Anyway keep-up the good work! Cheers

  7. I love this workout! Very easy exercises, I really liked that you also included the “modified” versions! Definitely gonna subscribe <33

  8. iDev Event Company

    Loved the workout, I sweat buckets! Just one thing: please refrain from using negative phrases like “I know you are tired” “I am tired too” “Are you tired yet?”..i felt like my energy levels dropped every time I heard the trainer say it. And my mind gave up before my body did. Otherwise, the workout was great and sweaty!

    1. Leslie Vasquez

      I agreee!!! She wasn’t a very good motivator. I love most of the instructors popsugar brings on because they make you laugh while you work and get you thru the end. This girl I just wanted her to stop talking.

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