20 Minute Prenatal Stability Ball Workout—Pregnancy Workout for All Trimesters

This 20 minute pregnancy workout can be used in any trimester and uses the stability ball to get a full body workout. Get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles safely and effectively with this prenatal workout. Options for all fitness levels!

17 thoughts on “20 Minute Prenatal Stability Ball Workout—Pregnancy Workout for All Trimesters”

  1. This is great for those last weeks of pregnancy when you still want to do something, but also need to take a bit slower. Love your workout videos. Already looking forward to do some post natal work outs!

    1. Elisabeth Jacobson

      You need to use the ball size that’s right for your body. if you’re 5 foot tall or shorter, get the 55cm, 5′-5’6″ uses a 65cm, and 5’7″+ uses the 75cm. when you sit on your ball, you want your knees to be parallel with your hips. 🙂 inflate accordingly. I had to inflate my 65cm to the full 25″ for it to fit my body. my husband thought the ball was going to pop. haha!

  2. Elisabeth Jacobson

    I love that you’re wearing mumberry activewear! I was lucky enough to stumble across them while desperately looking for prenatal activewear that actually provided support. I don’t think it’s fair that the medical field tells us to stay active and healthy during pregnancy, but the clothing industry only offers us non-supportive cotton workout clothes that makes certain workouts that we used to enjoy uncomfortable. my jogging has been greatly improved (not to the point it was pre-pregnancy, of course 😉 ) since I got my supportive mumberry clothes WITH a phone pocket on the pants.

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