20 Minute Prenatal Pilates Workout

This 20 minute pilates workout uses mat exercises appropriate for any trimester of pregnancy. Get a safe and effective workout to both strengthen and stretch your body during pregnancy.

21 thoughts on “20 Minute Prenatal Pilates Workout”

  1. Thanks so much Amy, I started following your workouts before I got pregnant and am now 6 months, it’s so great now having your prenatal workouts too!! 🙂

  2. Annika Herlitz

    So, so happy to have found your videos! I’m 21 weeks and alternate your prenatal videos 3-4 times a week, it makes me feel strong and happy. Thank you!!

  3. Great workout really enjoy it 👍🏽 I am 14 weeks pregnant looking forward to try your other workouts

  4. Thank you so much for creating this video. Really helped me and I feel like you are talking to me every time I’m doing this routine 😍

  5. I’m house-sitting for my parents this weekend, and my mother’s new puppy loves climbing all over me when I try to do this workout! It’s really cute, if a little intrusive lol but I think I got a good workout anyways 😉 Thank you for the video!

  6. I’m so glad for your prenatal series <3 Having twins in belly, and they also love your workouts! Thanks so much!!

  7. Love your videos! They are PERFECT for my pregnancy. Not too hard and strenuous, but I am definitely sweating and feeling my heart rate go up. Thank you for creating these! They are a staple in my pregnancy workout routine!

  8. I keep doing this one and the body weight prenatal workout and it feels really good! One of the few prenatal videos on youtube that I actually do enjoy! Thank you Amy!

  9. Wow, this was amazing and was exactly what my body needed 💛 currently 26 weeks pregnant and with so many life changes, my daily health routine was disrupted which ended up with me putting on 5lbs in a week. I’ve been feeling so heavy, lethargic, and hormonally imbalanced. Today, I got some time for myself again, ate truly healthy and even though I wasn’t feeling it at first (exhausted & moody), I found this video and gave it shot. I’m really happy I did! I feel energized and bright again ✨ thank you for this! 💛

  10. i do a different video of yours everyday! I’m 26 weeks and have been doing your videos for about 2 months now, you have the best videos when it comes to prenatal workouts. this is such a valuable resource for someone who can’t afford to go to a gym or get a personal trainer.

  11. Another great video! There is not a lot of quality prenatal workout videos and am I’m so thankful that you have decided to do these. Thanks!

  12. Jennifer Smith

    Thank-You! I’m 12 weeks today and this is the first time I’ve had enough energy to finally do a workout! Felt so good! ♾❤️✨

  13. I have been working out every day since the beginning (I am 22 weeks now). I have been actively avoiding this particular workout because I knew it would burn so good. My butt and hips are on FIRE. I LUFF it and I’ll definitely be back. 😍 Thank you!

  14. I’ve tried so many different prenatal workouts, but I always come back to this one. It’s just the right amount of challenging without ever feeling like I have over-done it. Currently 29 weeks my second pregnancy and doing the more challenging versions of the exercises still, which I credit to this video and staying active. Thank you

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