20 Minute Prenatal Kettlebell Workout– Workout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Pregnancy

This 20 minute prenatal workout uses one kettlebell to work the entire body in a safe and effective way during pregnancy. This workout can be done in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy and both gets the heart pumping and strengthens and tones the muscles.

Top and capris by Mumberry. www.mumberry.com

22 thoughts on “20 Minute Prenatal Kettlebell Workout– Workout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Pregnancy”

  1. love the timer on the screen. Just live your channel. There’s a video or videos for every piece of home gym equipment I own!

  2. Praveena Karunamoorthy

    This was an awesome workout! Thank you, Amy! I’m still working out at 35 weeks thanks to your amazing videos!

  3. Thanks for your prenatal workout series, they are all safe and smart, great exercise for moms-to-be)) I’m in my 28th week now and it feels great

  4. clemontinediva

    i’m not pregnant, but decided to try this anyway b/c i wanted something a little less intense than your other kettlebell workouts (which i love) – i used 25lbs & amped it up a little in parts (swings instead of deadlifts) – it definitely did the trick, even without the compound exercises, it still worked up a good sweat! thank you! love your channel!

  5. This was an amazing find! At 10 weeks, I’ve been afraid to use my kettlebell. Just finished this circuit and I feel great! Thanks!

  6. just finished this workout… and I feel great (22weeks pregnant, after 1 month of resting because of flu) thank you!!!

  7. Iā€™m 29 weeks & being doing this video since around 14, Amy you are a savior! šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

  8. Courtney Merritt

    Iā€™m in my 3rd trimester and I use this video 3 times per week!! I love the structure of these videos and that it shows time left in workout. Amy is so encouraging and I feel so comfortable doing these workouts!

  9. Hey Amy. Loved this! Thank you! I combined it with the prenatal TRX :). Quick question – Iā€™m 28 weeks pregnant…athletic and very active for years prior to pregnancy…healthy and not high risk. Is it safe to do kettlebell swings with about 25-30lb kettlebell or can this cause Diastasis? As of right now, I think there is a tiny less than 1 finger separation right at my belly button but above it is still intact and Iā€™d like to keep it that way HAHA! Curious about your thoughts on that :). Thanks in advance!

  10. 20 weeks pregnant and this was great for a lighter day for me until I hit third trimester. I loved it! I used twenty lbs and did some swings to amp it up a little. I also loveeeee the 30 minute full body dumbbell workout you have!! Thanks for the workout!

  11. CelestiaLauren13

    Just finished this! Iā€™m 18 weeks with a lines degree but am not too familiar with the modifications during pregnancy .these are great! Thank you!

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