20 Minute Prenatal CardioKick Workout

This 20 minute workout is perfect for pregnant moms in any trimester. Using traditional kickboxing moves modified for pregnancy, we'll get the heart rate up for cardio and strengthen and sculpt the body as we prepare for delivery.

23 thoughts on “20 Minute Prenatal CardioKick Workout”

  1. Hannah Hammond-Scott

    These prenatal workouts are the best I’ve found. Fun and get me sweating a bit. Plus the modifications needed in pregnancy are explained well. Great job.

  2. I am almost twelve weeks with number three 🙂 I worked out first two pregnancies but I overdid the cardio. I’m going to train smarter this time round and am really finding your workouts so effective! I feel like I’ve done so much after!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Jackie Davidson

    Love this workout! I’m pregnant with #2 and wanted to get more exercises in for this pregnancy. Love all your workouts! Thank you!

    1. I love all your work out but I get tier the some time I don’t work out what in vanse can you please give me I what to work out everyday at less 5 day a week am 6 month pregnant with my second child thank you god bless

  4. Awesome video – helping me with inspiration for my prenatal fitness classes! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  5. I am currently 18 weeks and am so happy I have found these workouts. Previous workout were way too easy and my regular routines are too hard. This one is just right and I am enjoying every single one of them! This one made me sweat the most! Thanks

  6. I just did this workout, 26 weeks pregnant here. Never did any workout (aside from walking) all throughout my pregnacy before this. I feel great. Thanks so much!

  7. Amy, I cant thank you enough for these videos. I am pregnant with my third, and honestly never really worked out. But with this pregnancy I’m overweight, tired and generally not feelin it. I started working out because I am scared of gestational hypertension or gestational diabetes and I want to be as healthy as possible for my babies. Your approach in these videos is amazing and motivational. I am now doing your workouts multiple times a week and I feel better than I have in a while. Again, thank you.

  8. Another pregnancy, and I keep coming back to these workouts. Thanks so much, Amy – I feel so much better (physically, emotionally, mentally) after sweating along to your videos.

  9. Thank you so much for making these workouts. Entering my second trimester I was starting to feel lost at the gym in my strength training, not knowing what to avoid or how hard to push myself. Your guidance has kept me active when I otherwise might have just given up. <3

  10. i enjoy getting up every day to do a workout with your videos! perfect intensity for me right now entering my third trimester, getting stronger everyday and i know this will pay off when it comes to recovery!

  11. Thanks dear Amy , it really works well, i am grateful to you, stay blessful , i love you ♥️

  12. Thank you for your prenatal workouts, Amy! I am in my 2nd trimester with my first baby and I am so glad I’ve found your channel. It helps me keep in shape!

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