20 Minute Prenatal Cardio Workout

This 20 minute workout can be used during any trimester of pregnancy, as long as you are cleared by a doctor. Get moving and stay fit in a safe and effective way during your pregnancy!

23 thoughts on “20 Minute Prenatal Cardio Workout”

  1. Everytime I do this workout I feel so good afterwards. thank you so much for this. i do few different workout from youtube for my pregnancy and I have to say this one is like the perfect intensity level. some are too easy and way too crazy for pregnancy. Im 32 years old and 19 weeks pregnant.

  2. I just turned 14weeks and the first weeks have been rough. This is my 3rd pregnancy but this gal needs to stay in somewhat of shape. Thanks for this video.

  3. I’ve been doing this workout and the kickboxing one alternating for the last week and I feel great! I’m currently just over 7 months prego and I definitely feel I have more energy! I work 10 hours per day, 4 days a week in my feet and working out on my days off has been very beneficial to me. Thanks for the great videos!

  4. Thanks for the workout Amy. I definitely felt better after following your workout than just sit in my chair and worry about the baby all day! Love all your workouts, you’re a great instructor!

  5. I’m almost 14 weeks and am just feeling good enough to get a decent workout. I tried this today and loved it! I plan on checking out your other prenatal workouts as well 😊

  6. Элина Расулова

    I’m 5 months, and it just amazes me how when I start doing this workout I think that it is way too easy, then half way into it, I’m like ” Gosh, this is hard” I don’t think I realized how much energy growing a baby takes, up until I started working out 🙂 I would fly through this one before I was pregnant.

  7. Justin & Cari Nelson

    I’m 36 weeks and have been using your workouts between gym workouts and I love them! I plan on using your post partum work outs as well! Thank heaven for your prenatal work outs. Its just enough to feel like I’m staying in “somewhat” good shape.

  8. Awesome workout! I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and this video is at the perfect pace for me. The workout got my heartrate up without feeling exhausted, drained or dizzy at the end. Thank you for posting!

  9. Samantha Richards

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and this workout was VERY low intensity for me. I added in weights to some of the moves to kick up the intensity. I enjoyed it but def is a very easy workout

  10. Warm up-
    side steps + shoulder rolls
    side steps + side reach
    side steps + overhead side reach
    back roll
    shoulder roll

    Workout- (x2)
    side step + bicep pump
    butt kicks + rows
    squat + reach
    side step + arm flap
    backward lunge
    half jacks
    plie squat

    Cool Down/Stretch-
    side step + shoulder rolls
    side stretch
    hamstring + calf stretch

  11. That was so good! I’m in my first trimester and not a regularly active person and that’s exactly what I needed. It got my heart rate up and I felt confident with finishing it that I can continue to do this. Thank you for blessing me and my baby with a healthy workout.

  12. Ive been doing some of your videos. I’m just curious as to what I should do each day. I know we don’t want to work legs every day..so is there any workouts you could pin point ?

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