20 Minute Post Natal Cardio Workout For After Pregnancy

This 20 minute cardio workout uses just bodyweight moves that are safe and effective after pregnancy to get your heart rate up. Burn calories and fat while getting strength back after having a baby. Options for all fitness levels!

20 thoughts on “20 Minute Post Natal Cardio Workout For After Pregnancy”

  1. This workout is perfect for me ! I’m 7 weeks postpartum and sweating. I can feel every bit of it ! Just what I needed !

  2. This is such a great workout. I’m 13 weeks pp (c section) and I am pooped! (but I could still do all the moves!) the timer is really cool as well

  3. Sweating from this work out. Love your post natal exercises for CS mommas! Will continue to do it everyday 😊

  4. Love your workouts! I started on your prenatal workouts and now I’m 7 weeks pp and starting on the post partum ones. They’re perfect for where I’m at! Thank you!

  5. 5 months pp with my second and I’ve been so up and down with my workouts. So glad to have found your videos. They’re so easy to follow and I got such a great cardio workout in.

  6. Haley Loveland

    I am so glad I found your channel, and most especially your postnatal workouts. I am 4 months postpartum with my 2nd and this workout is perfect for me! I love how you have 3 levels for every move you do. The way you are so positive about being healthy and going at your own pace after pregnancy is very refreshing. Also, my toddler loves doing the workout with me. It’s become a fun part of our morning routine.

  7. It was fantastic! I am 5 weak postpartum and I really felt out of shape after delivery. It is like my muscle came back to life.

  8. This was a great workout, just the right amount of challenge and duration. 10 weeks pp and just what i needed! Will be doing this until strong enough to do all the variations. Thank you!

  9. I did this workout with my 9 month old on my back in the carrier and it kicked my butt even going easy and slow. Love your videos! I recommend them to everybody

  10. Lauren Pugliese

    Thank you for this video it has really helped me start exercising again after 3 months having my son!!

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