20 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Tabata Workout for Cardio & Strength

This 20 minute workout uses a set of dumbbells in the traditional tabata circuit format (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) to strengthen and tone your entire body, while keeping your heart pumping to blast fat and burn calories. Options for all fitness levels.

24 thoughts on “20 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Tabata Workout for Cardio & Strength”

  1. Awesome! Tomorrow I’m graduating myself after a week from your 10 minute cardio (From April 2015) to a 20 minute one.
    This fits the bill!

    Those curtsies are going to be my doom, tho.

  2. Praveena Karunamoorthy

    This was so much fun! The variety of moves together with the Tabata format made it go by so quickly! Thank you, Amy!

  3. Did this workout for the first time this afternoon. My. Legs. Are. Jello. Ironically I was wearing my new “Oh My Quad” workout tank. LOL

  4. Wouldn’t mind a separate 20 second and 10 second timer to better time start and stop each set and break. Thanks for the video!

  5. Amy I’m so glad I discovered you here! I love love love you and your routines are quick and effective! Thank you for your encouraging personality and I’m so glad to work out with you everyday! Blessings from Ohio!

  6. Another great quickie workout, Amy!  This really did get my heart pumping and gave me a nice total body burn.  I did this workout yesterday for my choice of the 3 workouts you gave us on your calendar.  Looking forward to working out with you today!!  XO-S

  7. Nina Patterson

    I finally did the Tabata workout, I was afraid to do it because it sounded like something she made up, but I’m glad I did, this is her best workout that I’ve done so far.

  8. Amy, i love that your workouts are not for monsters, just for ordinary women. After such workouts you’re not dying, but feel more energetic and positive)) Thank you a lot!!!!

  9. Chang Chesserly

    Wow! Because it was a shorter workout didn’t think it would be that effective. After finishing it however I was a bundle of sweat and my body definitely knew it moved! LOL! Thank you for your amazing channel. . . 💕

  10. I’ve been using your workouts for about a month! Trying to get back in shape before the big 50!!! They are wonderful! Thank you!

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