20-Minute Cardio Dance Workout To Scorch Calories

This cardio dance workout scorches calories. For more PlyoJam workouts, please check out .

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38 thoughts on “20-Minute Cardio Dance Workout To Scorch Calories”

  1. beautygirly624

    After a full day of sitting in class I never have very many steps on my Fitbit and feel like I’m constantly chained to a treadmill to get them all every night. Can’t wait to add this into my toolbox. Looks like an awesome video with great energy and plenty of steps for my Fitbit!

  2. Pamela Simmons

    I like the the movements in this video, however there is no real instructions, or staying with the beat. I had to like do other things till I could could get what was going on next.

    1. We agree the music was super tough for this video! Check out some of our routines on the PlyoJam YouTube channel and let us know what you think. Music is more recognizable over there!! 🙂

  3. love this videos but 20 minutes only 🙁 maybe next time can be 30 or 45 or 1 hour would be perfect

    1. That’s how PlyoJam was born! Our students loved to dance but they also wanted a killer workout. Hence….dance + plyometrics. Glad you liked it!! 🙂

  4. Delana Morrison

    Really enjoyed the energy. I had to do some serious mods due to prior injuries and health conditions, but keep up the good work. Thanks!

  5. I liked this alot but His instruction is really ALL over the place. I workout 7days a week and this is hard to follow

    1. So sorry about that! I was having a really hard time hearing the music when we shot this! Hopefully you can try again, or check out our other videos on our YouTube channel!

    2. Cheryl Beychok

      I take Jason’s class and it is follow along so I learn as I go. I modify due to injury. Addicted to his class and I adore his personality. The steps become second nature the more you do it, and it is a killer workout. I suspect if you saw it with the actual songs used in class the choreography would make more sense.

  6. Absolutely loved this dance work out; did it twice already over the past 2 days and it’s left me wanting for more !😀

  7. Oh my gosh … I had so much fun with this workout ! The series around 15th minute (and further) were my favorite !

  8. The exercise was good. But there should have been a warm up at the beginning. You can’t just go full-on right off the bat. I would prefer if there was a proper guided warm up & cool down. Everything in one video would be great!

  9. I thought it was fun. I didn’t pay attention to the beat. Had no problems keeping up with them. I sweat like crazy and my muscles are sore probably from that 7km walk. Music doesn’t matter for workout vids for me, as long as the people are interesting and motivating.

  10. POPSUGAR Fitness you REALLY need to work on your music. I do a LOT of your workouts , but I find your music lacks the energy required to make me move, so I use my own upbeat music. However with this workout, I had to switch off mine so I could follow the moves with the music in the background. It was terrible , I stopped in about 6 mins to switch to another workout. Main problem: the music is sooooo far in the background, that if I increase the volume for the music , the voice of instructer gets SO loud that it deafens me. Plus I feel the music and dance are also not in sync, or more accurately the music does not make me want to move.

  11. Going to try this .. to shed a few pounds.. will put this video to the test… I like that it is only 20 minutes and I need to start slow.. will be back in a month to say how many pounds I lost..

  12. This is definitely a workout for people who are used to dance classes. Took dance for almost 20 years growing up and it reminded me of advanced dance class. Definitely will do it again to get the moves down but yes it does work you out!!

  13. This is a great workout, I love it. I love the instructor too. But like everyone else is saying, the MUSIC! I hope you can work on that.

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