20-Minute Cardio Dance Workout From a Celebrity Trainer | Class FitSugar

This 20-minute dance workout from celebrity fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer is the most fun way to burn calories.

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29 thoughts on “20-Minute Cardio Dance Workout From a Celebrity Trainer | Class FitSugar”

  1. Skeptical Idealist

    Man, Popsugar workouts are so efficient. A 20 minute workout in less than 19? Lol, your countdown clock is out of whack- noticed this in previous videos. Not a big deal, just think it’s funny.
    P.S. This is one of your worst guest instructors and workouts, sorry 🙁

    1. Nicole Winhoffer is a great dancer and fitness expert, she’s been an Adidas ambassador and Madonna’s personal trainer for a while. She has her background. Yes, this workout is only 18 minutes but I think the coreography is quite challenging so it gets the job done. If you want something longer I suggest you to try the Addicted To Sweat DVD collection: I hope you’ll change idea! If not, you probably need something different, but trust me: she’s really good at her job.

    2. Dorota K I have to agree with you. I’ve heard about her reputation, and expected a really intense workout, and I barely broke a sweat. I followed this up with some of the other cardio Dance workouts like the 20 minute one from JJ Dancer and Simone de la Rue and was sweating bullets! I think this workout would have been great if it would have been sped up.

    1. LadyinPurplee true, it’s useless for a workout. And then what is the point? This isn’t like learning at a gym where you are returning,

  2. this workout is for the day when I don’t feel like working out but still I have to do. I will enjoy it never mind .

  3. Such a great choreography!!! Do more dance workouts with Nicole She’s an awesome teacher and dancer!!! Was very tired today after the exam but you made me energised

  4. Anna cracks me up, I have no rhythm or coordination either! But she always makes me smile during the videos and reminds me that it doesn’t matter how well I do, what matters is that I showed up. Thanks Anna!! 💕

  5. Would rename the video as ‘learn to dance’ as the emphasis is the choreography and not the cardio at all. Wasn’t a good workout for cardio as there is a lot of stopping and which results in no elevates heart rate with this exercise.

  6. I liked it! I just keep moving whenever she stops. It’s a good quick way to learn a few moves and work on technique.

  7. This is not a workout; it had too much starting and stopping. This is a video for learning some dance steps. I wasted my precious 20 minutes.

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