20 Minute Cardio Blast Workout for Burning Calories and Blasting Fat!

This 20 Minute workout focuses on moves to get your heart rate up and really burn calories, while also tightening and toning your body in the process. Options for all levels, beginner to advanced.

21 thoughts on “20 Minute Cardio Blast Workout for Burning Calories and Blasting Fat!”

  1. Great cardio workout! I like the way that the workout has different of moves and also that you build upp the moves by first do the slowly and then quick. 🙂

  2. Could you write that this is High Intensity in the title? Didn’t know there wouldn’t be resting…

  3. This was on yesterday’s Bodyfit by Amy calendar but I pushed it until today. I’m so glad she’s implemented some timers on her more recent workouts and she talks a little more clearly about how many seconds on and how many seconds off for the HIIT. This was still a good workout and I’m glad I did it and even pushed myself into the high intensity jumping aspects of some of the moves. It was also great because it was so upright and didn’t require getting down on the floor for planks/mountain climbers/etc.

  4. I love that you incorporate moves for varying levels of intensity in your workouts. Thanks for a great start to my morning!

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