20 Minute Body Weight Tabata Workout For Cardio and Strength

This 20 minute full body workout uses only bodyweight exercises to work all the muscles hard and burn fat fast! No equipment needed, options for all fitness levels.

21 thoughts on “20 Minute Body Weight Tabata Workout For Cardio and Strength”

  1. thank u so much! Amy.  Love all your workout. This one covers all my favorite moves. I really appreciate your thoughtful concern for the needs of all levels.

  2. I injured my shin, so couldn’t do regular running routine, found this, 20 mins already sweat like a pig. Feels great! Great cardio workout!

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  3. very nice workout! great eay to build up a quick sweat and feel like you accomplished something! i love it. you made it look so easy! but it definitely got my blood pumping!!

  4. Thanks for the video. This is the first one I watched… I can’t believe you don’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers

  5. LOVE your workouts. I have become so much stronger in such a short time. You always have modifications for those of us who are not used to moving our bodies this way. I have been able to learn the movements, gain strength and then I can do the more difficult higher intensity moves. THANK YOU!!

  6. Really amazing how you can have such a positive impact on the lives of so many people Amy!!! Thank you for another excellent workout and for sharing your love for healthy living, your knowledge and your enthusiasm 🙂

  7. Rhiannon Angell

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  8. 4 circuits (20 sec on/ 10 sec off) twice through

    (1) Jumping Jacks + Burpees + Push Ups + Plank Cross Knees
    (2) Squat Jumps + Walkout plank + Lunge Jumps + Plank
    (3) Speed Skaters + Side Lunges + Tricep Dips + V Sit Crunches
    (4) Mountain Climbers + Plank Jacks + Plank Twists + Supermans

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