20-Minute Ab-Blast Dance Cardio Workout

Get ready to have a blast while you tone your abs with the cardio dance from Dance Fitness With Jessica. Watch Anna lead a HIIT workout on .

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APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes

27 thoughts on “20-Minute Ab-Blast Dance Cardio Workout”

  1. 20-minute dance workouts are a little pointless because you spend so much time standing around :/ Better to have either a short workout with simple choreography or a long one with more intricate stuff.

  2. Haters gonna hate. Main differences between this chica and Simone are accents, physiques, and hair colour. Dance workouts have their place and time. On a side note, I love Anna’s earnestness in dance workouts. Bless her heart, in the full meaning of that American Southern expression.

  3. I don’t know what some of these comments are about…I just did my first workout routine in a really long time and am grateful to have found this. It’s intense enough for me between my lack of dancing skills and being out of shape. Thank you!!

  4. Precious barrington

    wasn’t into it at first, but I loved it! loved the energy and dance!I like the long back hair very pretty*

  5. Workouts like these are important, not all of us are super fit and can do the weight lifting Tabata type stuff so if you don’t like dance workouts just avoid them!

  6. Selene Gongora Baltazar

    #myfatiscrying ! best line eveeer! …great workout to warm up for the intense stuff 🙂

  7. Personally I do LOVE dance Cardio Videos ! and actually I only do DAnCe Cardio videos please! DO MORE ANNA i train with dance every day thanks to you !

  8. Okay when I was doin it slowly I was thinking “this is a joke” but at tempo OH MY GOD. And three times without stopping, right now my abs hate me

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