19 Minute Low Impact Beginner Cardio Boxing Workout for Fat Loss and Calorie Burn

This 19 minute workout uses low impact moves to get your heart pumping and blast fat and burn calories, with no jumping, kicking, or high impact moves. Great for beginners or those new to cardio boxing looking to go slower for form. Also great for those with injuries or joint pain who still want a good cardio workout. Options to take it up or bring it down for your level.

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22 thoughts on “19 Minute Low Impact Beginner Cardio Boxing Workout for Fat Loss and Calorie Burn”

  1. That was really fun! I’m a beginner at work outs and I have felt intimidated by starting out, but I’ve been feeling so much better by exercising regularly while following your videos. They’re very clear and encouraging. I’m very grateful for the good work that you do!

  2. Thank u Amy ! I’m a grandma & I luv u being my trainer ! But I have to go slow & build up so these beginner ones really hit the spot !

  3. Thanks Amy – these new low impact workouts are great for those of us who are trying to get fitter while recovering from illness.

  4. Nice vid, ive got bad knees so the squats and lunges at the end were not possible without pain, but i did a lighter version. The workout got my heart pumping, well done !

  5. Monica Schrader

    Great workout! I have arthritis in both knees (at 42😟) and have been struggling to find workouts that don’t make my knees blow up afterward. Thanks!

  6. BellaMelancholy

    Perfect workout for my off day. I just got back into weightlifting and wanted to get the blood flowing today.

  7. Kristina Sundquist

    This is a really good introduction to boxing/kickboxing! Excellent for days you feel low or just tired of those super(non) happy bimbos in tiny bicinis and fake muscles. I’m gonna show this video to friends and family! THANX!

  8. I just started working out again and started by doing this every morning. I added wrist weights and sweated twice as hard (2lb each) but I did it and if I can anybody can.

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