15 Minute Prenatal Yoga Standing Flow Workout—Gentle Yoga for All Trimesters of Pregnancy

This 15 minute workout uses yoga and yoga inspired moves to lengthen, stretch and strengthen during pregnancy. Moving from a standing position, you'll go through exercises slowly to work and relax muscles in an effective, yet safe way for pregnancy. Options for all fitness levels.

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9 thoughts on “15 Minute Prenatal Yoga Standing Flow Workout—Gentle Yoga for All Trimesters of Pregnancy”

  1. I just had my second baby, and I have to say your first prenatal workout videos (and currently your postnatal videos) saved me! I was used to doing Insanity and all sorts of high intensity workouts so I was at a total loss for how to continue exercising safely with my new yucky feeling self. Your videos kept me moving despite having a very difficult pregnancy, and gave me the encouragement I needed to do only what my body allowed. I love that you offer a lot of the same exercises I used to do but a little more deconstructed and with modifications. I get a great workout, that’s real, every time I hit play. Thank you Amy and congratulations!

  2. Thanks for continuing to provide all different kinds of prenatal workouts! Babyfit workouts are my go-to workouts during pregnancy because they offer the perfect variety and intensity levels for rapidly changing body. You’re so understanding of the challenges pregnancy brings when working out and I feel great finishing your workouts. Thanks!

  3. Genevieve Cook

    This felt absolutely great, Amy! Thank you! Just wanted to say that the newer videos shot in your new house seem to be a little harder to hear compared with the older ones shot in your gym. Could be my computer?

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