15 Minute Kettlebell Core Workout For Strong Abs

This 15 minute workout uses one kettlebell to train your entire core. Sculpt and strengthen your core and blast fat and calories. Options for all fitness levels.

25 thoughts on “15 Minute Kettlebell Core Workout For Strong Abs”

  1. Amy, I found your workouts recently and just love them! I especially like that you produce short videos (15-30 minutes) when I’m short on time or just need to target certain areas. When I saw you pregnant I was reminded of myself 28 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I worked out all the way to the end and was back in my pre-pregger clothes in 9 weeks. You look fabulous and please, please keep the fun workouts coming.

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    1. Laura Crampton

      You can do it! 65 years young be proud you’ve taken the step to take care of your body 🙂

    2. I, too am a “65 year old fatty”…wanting this to work so much. Since you’ve been doing this for 8 months, what improvement have you seen? Here’s hoping.

    3. Well I returned to the UK for a family visit contracted phneumonia took months to get together so havent continued But feeling so much better can now work in garden all morning as opposed to 1 hour. How about you Debi inspire me xxxxx please xxxx

  2. Just Some Clown

    This is perfect! I think my kettle bell is too heavy tho because I nearly died (in a good way) but this video will make me stronger for sure!

  3. When I first found this video about two months ago I wanted to make a comment expressing my relief and gratitude at finding a workout instructor who’s easy to follow, without an annoyingly chipper singsong voice. I decided to hold off until I made some progress. With basic dieting (simply watching my calorie intake, I still eat the damn cookies) and following this video I’ve lost over 20 pounds. I now have core strength, my jobs gotten easier, I feel healthier and happier. I love watching the progress of my body, not only in the mirror but also with my clothes and levels of strength. I started small, in the beginning I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes, I couldn’t even begin doing the more advanced parts of the workouts, but now I not only get through this full video, but also 10 minutes of her following arm workout (goodbye wings) Sometimes I can follow her doing the more advanced portion throughout the full thing. I’ve even added things between videos like squats. I can do all that now thanks to these videos, when before I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes, it just took my trying again and again. So thanks Amy, these videos really have helped change my life.

  4. Charlotte Heneghan

    Love your kettlebell workouts! They’re perfect for me – working mum with little time, desperate to improve my strength/fitness, I love them, thank you!

  5. I am really liking your videos, they are my new favorites. I have a little bit of diastasis recti still (1.5 to 2 fingers). Could you tell me if this video is safe for those of us with diastasis recti?

  6. Shari Trumbull

    OMG! Another Fab-AB-ulous KB core workout that I’m going to come back to! I just added this one on to today’s KB Blast workout to really burn out my core–consider core burned out! I also switched between my 15# and 20# kettlebells to work on building my core strength, which was already tired, but in a good way 🙂 I just love working out with you, Amy! XO-S

  7. Just what I was looking for. Another great video! My abs have love/hate relationship with you, just like it should be. 😉

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