15-Minute Bounce-Back Cardio Dance Workout

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36 thoughts on “15-Minute Bounce-Back Cardio Dance Workout”

  1. so much fun! i usually dont do dance workouts because it usually makes me super insecure, but i had fun with this workout. it really got my mind off of all the negativity. i want another one!

  2. yay a dance workout!!! this is not as high impact as i usually do but i just advanced it by doing bigger jumps. i liked it and had a lot of fun. please more dance cardio! this trainer is also very sweet. love the jumps!

    1. Elisabeth Warner

      Update: I did this workout and it was so much fun!! It was repetitive but not too repetitive, just enough to get a hang of the moves. I feel much better on this rainy day after doing this workout!

    2. Reinette SINED she’s doing the modifications if you cared to listen….some people can’t jump 🙄

  3. Emilee Johnson

    That was actually fun! I’m sweating but I’m not dead tired afterwards! I actually feel pretty good (and still sweaty). Great workout for beginners like me!

  4. catherineharding

    This is actually my first video with POPSUGAR fitness. I’m quite in love already! Found this video by searching “dance workout” and I’m sold! I didn’t realize how much emotional energy I was holding because when she said “you can’t do it wrong” I started to cry a bit. Then later when she said “didn’t call you back? Don’t care” (or something like that), I started smiling so wide. I did NOT expect such a short video to make me feel so many (much needed) emotions. Thank you 💜

    1. I always get overwhelmed with insecurities when working out because I feel like I’m always doing it wrong, so the “you can’t do it wrong” bit meant a lot to me, too. Because I have so little experience working out I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect, but since it’s my first time trying these moves, I need to be more understanding and nurturing with myself and where I am instead of comparing myself to people who have lots of experience.

  5. I just wish the music were better. This is just background music, the choreography is not to the music. That’s what I like. The moves themselves are fine but I just wish they were with better music music that were familiar with but I know that cost money because of copyright issues and things like that.

    1. Kaleb Garnier-Wells

      Tawana Cooper Just mute the video and listen to something else. That’s what I do with any fitness vid because I don’t like to hear the instructor chat, or in this case, because I’d rather listen to my own music.

  6. You just saved my life! It was either a “dance it all out” or “I’ll eat all the chocolate”-situation. Loved the video and it did cheer me up:)

    1. Lucia Szocsova

      honestly, when I want to know what I’m doing or what I will be doing, i first watch a video and then actually work it. So…same XD

  7. i have never watched a workout video that’s also meant to boost your self esteem! i usually feel down and sad after working out but hey!!! u are amazing i feel so energized thx!!!

  8. 1 like = 1 day of workout with no junk food. Please help out I need all the motivation I can get !! 💗 I will keep you guys updated after every week.

  9. Robert Simmons

    I found this video watching beeswax filtering and I tried this and I’m hooked on the hips hitting all four walls move!!! We feeling ourselves is awesome!!!! I had to do modifications but not for row the boat . Y’all fun !!!!!

  10. I just finished this one, and I absolutely love it! This is probably my favorite workout so far! I love the instructor Anna! She was so energetic the entire time! This workout is perfect for beginners! So much fun!

  11. sasha india xo

    going to this everyday (along with some other workouts) and absolutely no junk food for a 10 week challenge but who knows, i’m probably gonna continue for a lot longer!

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