12 Minute Upper Body Mat Workout for Arms and Back

This 12 minute workout uses one set of dumbbells to strengthen and sculpt your entire upper body from down on the mat. Tighten and tone arms and back, all from the ground. Options for all fitness levels.

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12 thoughts on “12 Minute Upper Body Mat Workout for Arms and Back”

  1. Thanks for the workout I like these 10 to 12 minute ones as I start work early in the morning And I can do that before work as I have to be at work for 6 am so I’ll do a short workout before I go to work and then I’ll leave a run or swim after work thank you lots more if you can

  2. does this will help me to burn arms and back fat ???!!! i need to lose whole arms and whole back fat !!

  3. I love your workout video. Just a little request. Is it possible your can put the calorie burn on the video to help better achieve our goals. Thx

    1. Kimberly Cooper

      The body has no calorie receptors. Instead, it’s about chemistry. The body recognizes the molecules of amino acids, fatty acids, and monosaccharides and reacts by producing the correct hormones and other things.

      I encourage people to read the book “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung, MD. The book tells what hormones cause us to gain weight and how to decrease those hormones and what hormones cause us to lose weight and how to increase those hormones.

      Dr. Fung practices medicine in the Canadian healthcare system. His specialty is nephrology. After 15 years of treating his diabetes patients according to the protocol taught in med school, he realized that the protocol was just making his patients sicker. So, he researched and found that diabetes and obesity should be treated with low-carbohydrate eating and/or therapeutic fasting. He and his colleagues have now started a clinic within the Canadian healthcare system to reverse diabetes type 2 and reverse obesity. For more info, you can see his Intensive Dietary Management Program website.

  4. Wow! You never fail to provide an awesome workout!!! Thank you for all the effort you put into these videos!

  5. I love your workouts! Keep uploading. And please make a video for reducing thighs and legs fat with dumbells and kettle bell. Much love from India 😘😘

  6. Judith Glässer

    Love it, your videos are absolutely reasonable to follow, I am 73 and do them so easily and gracefully, thank you and keep posting!

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