12 MInute Kettlebell Pilates Core Workout

This 12 minute workout incorporates a kettlebell to some Pilates based mat exercises, to tighten and tone your core! Options for all fitness levels.

17 thoughts on “12 MInute Kettlebell Pilates Core Workout”

  1. Hi Amy can you plz do a video for people who are skinny overall but have a small belly fat it means they do not have a flat belly but are very skinny with lean body

  2. First time I’ve come across your channel an already i just completed two of your workouts an whoa I’m drenched in sweat haha brilliant workouts. It’s nice to do something different . Looking forward to doing more of your workouts

  3. sophia elizabeth

    What brand is your kettlebell? I am looking for ones at Dicks Sporting Goods, and just wondering the brand you use?

  4. I started kettlebell workouts with a 7lb kettlebell. I got a 15 for my birthday. Do you think that is too big of a jump? I was thinking of taking it back for a 10. Thoughts?

  5. I LOVE this quick core workout, Amy! Just love it–it’s so quick and effective and every muscle in my abdomen hurts–well, more like aches, but in a super good way! I’ve been coming back to this one regularly–several times a week, just to add an extra little something something for my core. Thank You, Amy!! XO-S

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