12 Minute Kettlebell Booty Workout to Strengthen and Shape

This 12 minute workout uses one kettlebell to strengthen, sculpt and lift that booty, all while keeping the heart pumping to blast fat and calories! Options for all fitness levels.

19 thoughts on “12 Minute Kettlebell Booty Workout to Strengthen and Shape”

  1. Your workouts have changed my life! They are fun and effective. I’m kinda obsessed with kettlebell now haha 💪🏻

  2. Is your kettlebell made of pure iron? If so, your making it look super easy!! The iron kettlebells are no joke..

  3. A part of me thought “seriously how bad can it be for 12 minutes?” Haha I’m sure my whole neighborhood heard me yelling. I love it and really felt it in my glutes which is hard for me because I am quad dominant. Thank you Amy.

  4. Love this workout! The goblet squat pulses kill me lol. Does anyone know how I can figure out how many calories this work out burns? I gotta track everything

  5. I’m gonna call this workout the “are you kidding me” workout… Almost killed myself during the first five minutes!!! With only a 10lb kettlebell.

  6. Shari Trumbull

    OK-I was already tired from the 15 Minute Booty Blast! This was a really quick 12 minutes, though-so, totally worth the extra work! I’m loving working out with your calendar, Amy! Thanks so much for that!

  7. Thanks Amy! I just started doing Kettlebell workouts and this has been a great session … planning to follow it daily for a few weeks 🙂

  8. After doing your workouts for over 2 months my husband said my butt is getting a nice shape. That’s what I was going for. Thanks Amy!

  9. Sandra Samford

    First of your workouts that I tried. I discovered a couple things, 1) I have zero balance 2) I am sadly out of shape. I couldn’t do the whole thing but will keep working on it until I can..

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