10-Minute Workout: Legs and Arms With Sadie Lincoln

If you're short on time, you need a multitasking workout. Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, created a quick home workout that targets both the arms and legs. This workout will fit in your living room and won't bother your downstairs neighbors either. Press play and follow along as Sadie leads you through a series of moves to tone arms and legs while working your core too.

21 thoughts on “10-Minute Workout: Legs and Arms With Sadie Lincoln”

  1. after 4 sessions with 3lb weights, I can now complete 10min without stopping. good stuff. thanks for uploading this.

  2. I love this little workout, I have been doing it for about 8 weeks and I am losing weight, but my knees were 19″ in circumference and are now 16″!  So I will continue to do this every day.  Thank you for this wonder little workout.  

  3. I really love this video. Z’s questions RIGHT in the middle of a countdown (which prolong the pose) drive me crazy but other than that, this is great!

  4. I just finished doing this workout for the first time tonight, and all I have to say is – WOW!!!! I loved it! I stumbled a few times, but I kept at it and finished it. For 10 minutes, I got a wallop of a workout. I’ll definitely keep at it with this workout.

  5. Radhika Pillai

    Could someone slap a plaster on Z’s mouth…I love this workout but her unwanted questions and advice.getsnon my nerves

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