10 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout for All Trimesters of Pregnancy

This ten minute workout uses bodyweight moves to strengthen and tone your muscles, while getting your heart pumping for cardio, all in a safe, but effective way designed for pregnancy. No equipment required and appropriate for all trimesters of pregnancy, and all fitness levels.

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7 thoughts on “10 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout for All Trimesters of Pregnancy”

  1. Hi Amy, Love from India. I am following ur videos from past few months, and getting results from it. Today I came to know that I Am Pregnant. Can u plz tell me in Pregnancy first trimester, can we do Core Exercises for Stomach or not? Coz earlier when I was not pregnant, at that time I was doing ur standing abs workout, and it was amazing. Can I do it? Also I want to know, that can we continue the exercise to reduce fat, and grow a healthy baby inside. 3. Can we exersice with weight/ dumbbells ?

    1. Baageshrii V im 8 months pregnant and continued by weights and cardio workouts refulalry 3-4days a week without any issues as i was at a good fitness level and could keep up. Dont do anything new but ask ur dr first

  2. thank you for these prenatal videos!!! this is perfect for me!! I’m going to do two of your videos three times a week thank you xx

  3. Thank you Amy!! I loved this workout! I so needed it and that last exercise (the plank on the wall with the calf raise) really got me! Thank you!!

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