10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for an efficient Total Body Workout

A 10 Minute workout that uses kettlebell exercises to sculpt those arms & abs and tone your legs. Kettlebell is a great tool to add diversity to your workout.

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41 thoughts on “10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for an efficient Total Body Workout”

  1. Before doing this workout I was feeling tired and sluggish, After doing this workout I got a good burst of energy. Thanks!

    1. BodyFit By Amy thank you so much for this workout videos:) they have inspired be to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. You are amazing 😉

  2. brilliant…I finally found an instructor on youtube that’s not screechy,loud or annoying to the extent where I had to turn it off after 2 mins…really really enjoyed your video…your class and so enjoyable to watch and learn..thankyou…:) from Ireland..

    1. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for best kettlebell workout try Renkarter Bell Fitness Report ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

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  3. thanks Ms. Amy, I like using this one when I don’t have time to rock a full 30-45 minute workout… have a blessed day, and again thank you!

  4. Your abs are an inspiration.

    Every time I feel like giving up, I look up at the video and tell myself “you want abs like her, you gotta work”

    Good for getting a second wind. Thanks for the free work out 😀

    1. Yoda The FIERCE One

      Not at all. If you want to look like a champion you gotta eat like a champion. Abs are created by diet. Biceps and created in the gym

    2. Abs are super easy to get when you are skinny….heel touching crunches work best for me… situps are close to useless … when your stomach dont feels like after 5 min laughing then you do it wrong… i started workout very skinny…. this is 3 Months in… https://ibb.co/wKyH7v6

  5. I did this workout two days ago and I’m quite fit i do yoga and freeletics but this absolutely killed me i can’t even moooove 😩

  6. I was killed by a drunk driver and revived. Had 8 months of recuperation but gained weight I never had in my life. I need help. Always worked out in gyms but not now. I am going to try this.

  7. I brought a bell and didn’t no what to do with so I brought it to my night shift job and found u now I can add 10 mins into my day thank you 🙏🏼

  8. I'm not gonna say

    Thank you so much for helping me tone up, Amy! Your kettlebell series helped make my 48 yo body look like a 30 year old’s! Thank you!

  9. The best 10mins kettlebell workout that I never fail to do almost everyday and noticed that i got leaner after 2 weeks. Thank you Amy!

    1. vstarhawthorne09

      o wow thanks for posting that so after two weeks you saw. change. I agree it is a good work out. I did it twice and m as n that 10 to 20 min was tough.

  10. canopener505ify

    The 10 minute version is a great finisher to a lifting workout or on it’s own if you’re crunched for time. If you really want to torture yourself, do a double kettlebell swing if you have a pair of the same weight.

  11. Amy,
    This is by far the best and most efficient workout we found. 10 mins and every muscle in body can feel the effect. Thank you for this awesome video. From Toronto.

  12. Melissa Benitez

    Great video! I like that you got straight to it and showed good form. I saw immediate results with your workout!!! This video is so helpful.

  13. I did this yesterday for the 1st time ever using kettlebells and I loved it!!! Now i will use these videos to workout thank you!!

  14. Wow. Your body is very fit 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Thank you for sharing 🌟💜🌟💜

  15. maria caballero

    I would like to know how many lbs of kettlebell she uses? I use 20lbs. kettlebell. She sounds exhausted. I did break a sweat but I would prefer less resting time. I did enjoy the workout. I wish she would say some cues to change to a different workout, I had to be watching the monitor so I would not miss the next workout. Thank you.

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