10 Minute Kettlebell Standing Abs No Crunch/No Plank Workout

This 10 minute workout uses just one kettlebell to shape and sculpt your abs, all from a standing position. No crunches, no planks, no exercises on your back or on the mat, just standing ab moves to strengthen and tone your tummy. These moves will also get your heart rate up for fat blasting cardio. Options for all fitness levels.

22 thoughts on “10 Minute Kettlebell Standing Abs No Crunch/No Plank Workout”

  1. will be doing this one tomorrow 😊thanks for all your workouts! I have been doing them for a while and have lost weight and inches after my baby. 😄

  2. Thanks Amy. I was looking for something to do in my apartment that would give me an excuse to work out between my busy schedule. Can’t make an excuse not to do 10 minute abs. You got me finally working out again!

  3. Jennifer Nicole

    around the worlds are my favorite!!! 50% of my hour workout at the gym is kettlebell. obsessed its so fun!!!

  4. Hey Amy gr8 workouts.but would love to see more workouts for 30 to 40 mins with weights ,cardio and stretching all in one complete workout for the day.

  5. Hello
    A tip.
    I usually work with a 15 kg kettlebells or a weight of the stomach on my stomach. Sets it at the top of the stomach at the navel, then I push it up and down the stomach with my abs. It’s tough But good

  6. Hey Amy! I love your kettlebell videos – I’ve been doing them for about 3 months now, and I’m feeling stronger than ever not just physically, but also mentally. I think you’re one of the best fitness gurus on Youtube, mainly because you do everything so efficiently without the useless chatter. You are also inspirational, I love your simple style! However, because of such cramped spaces at home, I have a hard time following the mat segments of your kettlebell HITT workouts, so I always end up just skipping them. If it’s not much trouble, can I suggest a standing HIIT kettlebell workout? That would be so cool!

    Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

  7. Laura Crampton

    Love your videos! Are you on insta? I really want to share you with my mummy friends! Good luck with your pregnancy, looking forward to some new kettle bell videos when you’re back! xx

  8. Amy I love this! Thanks so much — I just ordered and received my kettlebells and feel good about completing this workout! Woo hoo me! Thanks again Amy!!!

  9. Thanks Amy! Love this alternative to my boxing routine (while I wait for a new punch bag) you present. Great video!

  10. I understand this is a 10-minute workout, do you do each exercise for a set time or a set number of reps? thanks for the great workouts.

  11. I love these workouts, this one is my lastest favourite quick blast! Great to kep my surfing strength up in winter. Keep these coming!

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