10 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout For Fat Loss

This ten minute workout uses low impact moves to get the heart rate up and burn fat without jumping or bouncing. Great for beginners or those recovering from an injury or needing a low impact workout. Options to take it up or down a level. Go through once for a short cardio workout, twice if you need more!

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52 thoughts on “10 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio Workout For Fat Loss”

  1. Thankyou so much for sharing one that is trully useful to REAL beginners and those needing to take it easy. Some people assume that  beginners can jog for a warm-up and so forth, and I know that when I was a beginner, those type workouts always made me give up because I was out of breath and exhausted when the warmup was done. It took years for me to learn different and that I can modify when I need to. This is finally a workout that I can get my fiancee to try with me. Thankyou!!

    1. +Jen M tell me about it I tried a beginner cardio workout here on youtube and it bearly gave me time to move to the next workout. congrats best of luck to you and your fiancé. 🙂

    2. How sweet! Bless you sand thankyou!  🙂
      MissMichSan , another good channel is Jessicasmithtv . It has a lot of good beginner workouts and workouts that are easy to modify. Its another one of the channels I love!

  2. I was a bit out of breath and sweating when I finished this but I felt like a million bucks, I could do every single move, no joint pain, no not being able to keep up, no nothing. Love you for this, Amy!

  3. Take it slow no shame here. Haven’t worked out in over year and I was in great shape before and this workout was tough for me. I know in a short time though I will be back into shape and building my body up!

  4. Beronika Drodriguez

    Hi Amy I love love this workout. Definitely great for beginners and those just struggling to get back in the exercise mode. I have been doing it for the past 3 weeks and last night I replayed this video 3 times. I’m loosing weight and feeling great thanks for the motivation. I can’t weight to move on to some of your other videos. Thank you so much. I do wonder how many calories I’m burning though to ad on fitness pal. Thanks again. ❤️

    1. @Beronika Drodriguez How much weight have you loss? And are you doing duets with this video? I hope you don’t mind my asking, I’m trying to lose 30 pounds by the spring!!

    2. Beronika Drodriguez

      Niyah C. Hi when I started my weight loss journey 10 months ago I weighed 238 pounds and i am currently 194 pounds. When I started this workout I had already started a daily walking routine. Then this. First 3 or 4 weeks was 10 minutes by the 2nd month I was replaying this workout and by the third I was playing it 3 times. but I’ve moved on to other more challenging workouts. I enjoyed doing this one for a good 3 months and I was ready to step it up. Good luck on your journey. You can follow my journey @parradrodz on IG.

  5. Thanks! I’m blind and love workouts I can follow with the instructor’s verbal cues! This is one I could follow! Appreicate it!

    1. Rainbow Chick Most computers and smartphones have functions that allow the blind to type and hear what they are typing. It also reads other people’s comments back to them.

  6. I’m in my 20s, over weight, and thought it was hopeless for me to get healthy. Every video on YouTube exhausted me so bad I could barely function (energy wise) the next day. However once I found this my life changed. After following your lead, in this particular video, 5xs a week for a month I noticed a HUGE difference in my weight and energy level. Amy I cannot thank you enough for jump starting my path to healthiness. I’ve progressed to your other videos and every single one of them are fantastic! You rock!

    1. Mayra Cruz - Connerton

      Gangu Chikka I just discovered this little gem. I have a bad knee and this workout doesn’t bother it too badly. I’m loving it too

    2. this is fantastic. so happy you are reaching you are reaching your goals. i know i am late, but this comment made my day. keep doing you!

  7. Zerane Benyelle

    At last a beginner workout that doesn’t make you feel like a washout loser! Thank you, thank you, thank you , THANK YOU Amy. You are a gem.

  8. Jana Hudson/Kilburn

    yes! in 2 weeks I lost 12 pounds! cut soda and did this video twice a day! I took 2 days off in 2 weeks.

    1. Jana Hudson/Kilburn

      175 I’m now at 153 I haven’t worked out in awhile due to health issues but still watching what I eat and only water. good luck on your journey.

  9. YES! Finally a workout for beginners that I can do t’ill the end and give it a nice sweat without feeling that I am dying! Merci 🙂

  10. Appreciate this! I love that you realize that some people unfortunately are starting with perhaps no history of physical health. I’m not overweight (luckily for me) but that doesn’t mean I’m not out of shape. I have a very weak body and that’s because I don’t move it enough and I’m realizing this and beginning to exercise!

  11. great workout
    . I am huffing and puffing but feel great. Proud I finished. Great for beginners, Challenging yet not overwhelming at all. Love it. Thank you!

  12. I just started this workout tonight..after finding out my BMI is literally in the obese section I had to change my lifestyle. i’m 5’3 and weigh 180 lbs. after being so slim my whole life ( I use to weigh 110-115 before i had 2 children) I didnt think I could ever get this big. (this is big for me it might not be for others.. so im not picking at anyone) I tried to do more intense cardio workouts to push myself but my heart was literally hurting from pushing myself so hard, so this video is soooo amazing. no problems with heart pain.. i guess i just need to take it slow, its been near 5 years since i’ve worked out or did any kind of strenuous activity..my diet was pretty much whatever i wanted to eat..ice cream, cupcakes, candy etc. etc. for 5 years..well not anymore. thanks again AMY. this just gave me more motivation to get myself back in shape. and good luck to everyone and anyone who uses her channel for motivation =]

  13. Nathállia Freitas

    THANK YOU!!! This is the best workout for beginners, it actually got my heart rate up without making me feel like I was dying lol it’s my second day doing this; can’t wait to see results

  14. This is exactly what I needed. I am very overweight and disabled. I was able to do half this workout standing and half in my wheelchair. I don’t feel over tired or gasping for air.

    1. this makes me so happy. i love reading about people reaching their goals with the help of the online world. it shows me its not completely a waste, haha! so glad you are reaching your goals. keep doing you!

  15. Louisiana Cat Lady

    Awesome. If there was a level below beginner that would be me…This work out was so easy and I love the options.

  16. Sophie Richards

    Amy, I am 13 and going onto 14 however, I am so thankful for this video, without this video I would have gone overweight. I use this video 5x per week and the results amazed me!! I have lost 3.4 stone within a month and a week. You have transformed my life, health, body and even my mental health. God bless you! <3

  17. Because of Gangu Chikka’s comment I am doing this workout 5 times a day it’s day 4 and I just got finished with my 5th workout for the day and I’m tired wish me luck for tomorrow’s workouts

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