10 Min Dumbbell Cardio HIIT Workout for Fat Blasting and Toning

This 10 minute workout uses one set of dumbbells for compound moves that will get your heart pumping for fat burning cardio, and sculpt and tone your muscles. Options for all fitness levels.

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14 thoughts on “10 Min Dumbbell Cardio HIIT Workout for Fat Blasting and Toning”

  1. Holy crap!! Did this thinking ok how hard can 10 minuets be but omg Iā€™m dripping šŸ’¦ thanks for an amazing workout will definitely incorporate this like 3 times a week šŸ˜Š

  2. I looked at the total workout time and thought this would be easy but one minute in and I was wrecked!! Thanks for a great workout

  3. thanks so much for these awesome 10 min workouts!!! i’m a mom and literally have no time-I can finally get a sweat session in everyday!!!

  4. Holy Moly! I was exhausted by that first set of curtsy lunges-tricep move! WHEW! Fabulous quickie dumbbell workout and I loved it! I really enjoy the days where you give us several small workouts–I was in full sweat going into the 10m Stress Relieving Hiit Workout šŸ™‚ Thanks for this great quick workout, Amy! XO-S

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